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In Sebes there is a campaign against pollution that lasts for more than 2 months. Meanwhile answer state institution fail to appear, the company against which the protests were directed instead to talk to people, how to proceed in any other conflict, is trying to intimidate, frighten people.
This company has sued five people from Sebes simply because they have demanded the right to a healthy environment or that have expressed a dissatisfaction.
Protesters that have been named in such cases filed by SC Kronospan Sebes SA don’t give up! They will defend their rights in court and we already appealed to lawyers. Even if some of them are willing to represent protesters pro bono, without fees, but there are associated costs to be covered: travel and / or accommodation (processes are open in Bucharest), judicial expertise as possible (depending on how they evolve cases), expenses related to communication with courts etc. For all this we invite you to contribute!
United we are stronger!

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Account Lei : RO39BTRLRONCRT0240822601 BT . PRIMANATURA Association;
WE don’t accept donations from companies and political parties . The funds raised will be used in projects undertaken by PrimaNatura .

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So far we collected 1030 lei from donations.