9 may – The Romanians want to save theire forests!


In a few days, several cities will host the first major protest against massive deforestation.
The situation is even more serious in Romania as there are more than half the total area of ​​virgin forests in the European Union and the political class are only beneficiaries of complicity with the abusive deforestation.

Reasons enough for people who care about the future and their children’s health, to come to the protest Saturday:
– Over 135 million cubic meters – the volume of timber exploited in Romania between 2002-2011, according to NIS, worth € 9.4 billion
– About three quarters of virgin forests in Europe are (still) in Romania;
– About 50 hectares of forest are cut illegally, every day!
– Every year in our country, cut only 7 million cubic resinous;
– 350 000 hectares of forest were destroyed after 1990, and 500,000 have been damaged or are being cut – or more than 10% of the total.
– Instead of Mobile (or other products with high added value, which can create thousands of jobs), Romania exports, African countries, lumber or boards PAL & MDF produced in slaughterhouses forests in Sebes, Where are under a thousand employees …

Ideas claims (taken from here ) as priority points could be:

“1. Indefinite freezing the export of logs / lumber and wood raw material of any kind … that is allowing only export finished products such as furniture. Promoting sustainable use of wood in the furniture industry that provides many jobs. To stop the de facto export of logs & timber probably we need to find ingenious financial mechanisms that do not conflict with existing European regulations idiot.

2. Stop hunting for three years because wild animal populations today are in catastrophic condition Carpathian-Danubian Pontic landscapes including protected areas as a result of hunting & poaching generalized result of the devastation caused by the politruci şleahtele factors Decision of the Board and businessmen mobsters. Achieving the 3 years realistic evaluation of the situation of populations of wild animals, without the data to be manipulated by hunting interests.

3. Creating an eco-bio public management of protected areas, financed from the Environment and strong taxation exploitation of natural resources. Obviously, this system must be outside forestry interests / drujbiste and hunting, and have the basis of an ecological approach / biological … that staff is trained naturalistic decision making.

source: https://peterlengyel.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/pregatiri-proteste-9-mai-2015-jos-mafia-padurilor/

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