Protest march in Alba Iulia, Romania

pm10 limita

Since the beginning of the protest marches, both the organizers and those who have joined along the way, they could see the website of the Environmental Protection Agency and press releases from the Environmental Guard as many surpass the maximum permitted formaldehyde and PM10 have been modified or “explained” in one way or another. Those who had the courage to say “polluter” have been sued by Kronospan, even if their statements can always be justified only by sanctions imposed by the National Environmental Guard.

After 7 Sundays Sebes protests, people are disappointed and wondering if indeed the Romanian state’s institutions, protects the citizen or the polluter? We all put a big question mark regarding the fairness and legality of all permits issued so far. Walking requests made by NGOs from one institution to another because often do not have the required data or answer someone else is responsible, does nothing more than confirm once again that nothing is as it should be into a member state of the European Union.


We attach this release, the latest data downloaded from the website will not be changed up or explained by the fact that they burned tires or that people have made the fire in the stove.

Sunday March 1st, starting at 14, we all protest in Alba Iulia. The first institution covered by this protest and march starting point is the Environmental Protection Agency and Environment Guard Alba Alba, through their institutions could be blamed for the current situation in Sebes. Organizers will hand over a petition by these institutions in the firm is required to stop pollution petition signed by over 6,000 people.

The rally was notified mayor of Alba Iulia (takes place legally) and its route is through Union Park, including cathedrals, City Square, City gates, Alessandria market until Alba Prefecture, where there will be handed a petition prefect.

Like all 7 large-scale protests in Sebes, Alba-Iulia and is expected to range from both the solidarity of Alba Iulia who are also directly or indirectly affected, but also other people from other cities. The struggle of ordinary people against corporations that threaten health of residents and the local environment, relies entirely on voluntary civic engagement and solidarity of others. It is therefore very important to show all that we care and that we can change things through our involvement with other good evil.

Organizers call with them Sunday, March 1st, all sebeşenii and albaiulienii who want clean air in our county and expresses the hope that together, united against pollution have chance to get what is best for the communities in which we live with all.

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