Ministry of Environment asks the company Kronospan Sebes to restore documentation for IEA (Integrated Environmental Authorisation)


Today May 7, 2015, the Environment Ministry made public the result of the analysis of objections to representatives of civil society (NGO PrimaNatura) and individuals, the decision of 12.03.2014 APM Alba revision of the integrated environment for SC Kronospan Sebes SA.

Therefore, after analyzing the complaints received, the documentation which formed the basis of the decision to revise the integrated environmental permit for the Kronospan Sebes SA SC and additional information requested by the Commission from APM Alba, the Commission decided that the environmental impact on human health of the increased production of Kronospan Sebes SA factory needs to be reassessed. The main reasons for this decision was the fact that the documentation submitted by Kronospan Sebes SA to obtain the integrated environmental review needs to be completed.

Thus, according to the Commission’s findings MMAP, the decision to revision did not take into account the cumulative impact on the environment in the context of increased production proposed, including increasing production capacity of wood plates MDF and chipboard type with all projects / activities on site / industrial site, taking into account the distances from settlements and other public interest objectives.

The Commission also ordered completing the documentation as a result of major changes experienced by specific legislation in the field, during the course of the whole procedure of revision of the integrated environment permit.

The Commission also decided that Kronospan Sebes SA complete the documentation for applying for the integrated environmental permit with analysis and evaluation of air pollutant emissions dispersion, given the sources identified in the analysis of the cumulative impact and contribution of the regional fund, taking into account the effects of other activities taking place in the area considered (traffic within the site trader, DN1 road traffic activity SC HOLTZINDUSTRIE SA, the future work of SC KRONOCHEM Sebes SRL) at least in terms of formaldehyde and dust indicator. Moreover, Kronospan Sebes SC after completing the documentation as requested, the Commission ordered APM Alba to submit detailed analysis of the reconsideration proceedings, as appropriate, to review the decision of authorization and conditions contained in the integrated permit for environment, as appropriate. Analysis will be done according to new information arising from the evaluation of the cumulative impact of all proposed capacity increase projects and activities on site and industrial platform, taking into account the distances from settlements and other objects of public interest.


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