Stop pollution in Sebes – Protests continue


On sunday, 25.01.2015, was held the third protest march against pollution in the city of Sebes, Alba county. The march was attended by about 2,000 people, also over 80 people from Apuseni Mountains who oppose cyanide mining project in Rosia Montana joined to encourage and be united in their fight with the loccals of Sebes in their fight for health.

Following the first protest marches, in 22.01.2015, there were two meetings between NGOs involved representatives from Civic Initiative Group locals in Sebes, authorities (Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Guard, Department of Public Health ) and SC Kronospan Sebes SA representatives. The meetings were held inside Prefecture of Alba county and Hall Sebes. At these meetings press was not invited and journalists have difficulties in taking part in discussions. Although these meetings were intended to be negotiations between the authorities and those involved in the campaign “Stop Pollution in Sebes” NGO members have emphasized from the beginning of the campaign that will not take part in any discussions with the media and any other interested person can take part. Access journalists were finally allowed.

What we noticed in the meeting at the Prefecture Alba were:

    – The most important document, health impact assessment was made by a company which doesn’t have accreditation to carry out such studies and more than that, Alba Public Health Department could not provide a clear answer as to the presence or absence this impact assessment;
    – Environmental Guard Alba does not have the necessary equipment to monitor emissions of toxic substances and although they received numerous complaints from local residents are unable to take concrete measures to address them.
    – Polluter representatives took part in the discussions, but did not bring any clarification on operations. They left the room because bystanders (here referring only to members of NGOs and the media) do not have specialist training to take part in the presentation that should be followed, namely health impact study.

Recall that Kronospan industrial platform accommodates eight 15,000 liter tank which is stored formaldehyde two tanks methanol (methyl alcohol) 10,000 liters each, other maleic anhydride, melamine (cyanuric acid amide), diesel, gasoline, and other chemicals very dangerous. They serve formaldehyde production unit with a capacity of 30,000 tons annually.

“After three massive protests, people from Sebes still expects the authorities and institutions responsible to relocate the chemical sections from Kronospan platform. Moreover, after the recent findings, we demand the suspension of activity in all sections which emit pollutants into the atmosphere and insist that health impact study to be made public. For these complaints thousands people took the streets and the protests will continue until citizens requests will be fulfilled. Until then Sebes city can be considered neighboring to a chemical bomb that can explode at any time with devastating effects. “Said Stefan Anişoara – President of the Association PrimaNatura.

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