Stop pollution in Sebes!


        Sebes Civic Initiative Group organizes on Sunday, January 11, at 14, a protest march with the leaving point in front of City Hall Sebes, where so far, on facebook, joined over 1000 persons.
        The “Stop pollution in Sebes!” campaign was initiated by the local people organized in Civic Initiative Group Sebes, a group formed due to favorable decisions to SC Kronospan S.A. to open a new plant with a capacity of 60.000T formaldehyde / year.
          Citizens urges the authorities to take urgent measures to stop pollution Sebes and prohibit the continuation of the main pollutant SC Kronospan SA as long as it does not comply with strict European standards of environmental protection.
          Given the fact that the Romanian authorities are required by law to protect the environment, don’t have a modern equipment in order to give an accurate measurement of the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere, the people of Sebeş require both immediate stop of this new plant, as of the old one, until this problem is solved and that will be presented publicly and with legally binding commitments.
        People from villages around Sebes believes that massive pollution felt in all parts of the city is a serious violation of the constitutional right to health and a clean environment. That authorization procedure plus the environmental review is illegal.
        The most frequently reasons given by those dissatisfied are:

    – The construction of formaldehyde 60.000T / year is a plus to a large-scale production with pollution by default and is endangering the health and lives of more than 150,000 inhabitants in the Sebes – Alba Iulia area;
    – The 8 bits of 15,000 liter tank in which is stored formaldehyde, 2 pieces tanks methanol (methyl alcohol) 10,000 liters each, the maleic anhydride, melamine (cyanuric acid amide), diesel, gasoline and other chemicals very dangerous carcinogen formaldehyde plant serving 30,000 t / year, lead us to fear that Sebes city sits on a chemical bomb that can explode at any time and would destroy entire city.
    – Kronospan didn’t supervise on-line, 24 of the 24 hours, all sources of pollution and all kinds of pollutants, with the possibility of accessing the Internet, and the technological process interruption when one reaches the maximum permissible limit pollutants.

        Exposure to air pollution causes lung cancer, according to studies by the International Center for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO). Other diseases caused by air pollution are cardiovascular and respiratory. According to studies, in 2010, internationally, over 223,000 people died of lung cancer associated with air pollution. World Health Organization (WHO) clearly says in the press release No 153 of 15 June 2004 that formaldehyde is classified in Group I carcinogens to humans, numerous studies demonstrating that the organization substance can cause various cancers such as leukemia, brain cancer, cancer of the respiratory , nose, esophagus, pharynx.
         According to a study by the Targu Mures Regional Center for Public Health in 2008 for the Central Region Alba holds “leading” seats in lung cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and malignant melanoma. Other data provided by DSP Mureş say that in Alba are getting ill with cancer about 1800 people annually, and about 800 die annually.

The event on facebook can be found here

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  1. Kronospan ii are la degetul mic pe cei de la garda de mediu. Sunt informati cand vin controale si pregatesc “dreptul”. Amenzile sunt prea mici fata de cifra de afaceri a Kronospan. Ar trebui inchisa.