Free Seed Market in Alba Iulia, Romania


Free seed market is a truly free market, it’s a place where each of us contributes surplus seeds that you have, but also ideas, crafts, smiles, talent, friendship, joy and ideas for discussion. Here everything is 100% free and non-commercial, organized by even those who participate. No money. Without barter. Without exchange.

Now in its second edition in Alba Iulia, seed market held in Framm’s Free. People participated in Alba Iulia and not only were the people from Sibiu, Cluj Napoca invited for this event. In the event description on facebook specially created on this occasion it was stated: “ You’re welcome to change, offer, receive seeds!
You should not have to receive, you must not give to receive!
It can provide both local and surplus seed seeds purchased commercially. Important is the transparency of information (source seed cultivation details).
Because seeds, like Earth, is here before us! We are left to us in care for generations to come ..
Take with you good will, necessarily! Are welcome and those who have not given seed, come to know and receive seeds!
Who can not attend may send seeds friends or acquaintances who will be present! Those who still can not get seeds I garden for parents, mothers, friends …
The forward who wish to visit our city, you are welcome !!
Special guests: Adela Fofiu and Dan Unaertepnas, Permanent Culture House of Cluj! ( href=”” ) We will tell about sharing, common goods economy and their experience with the social economy gift.
We welcome and Seeds Free !! Free Seeds! 🙂
Free admission. Those who wish may provide symbolic donations for the organization.

From the program:
Seeds of all kinds given to you!
Library with free information about gardening and others (information copied on sticks, ready to come!)
Snacks made by participants
Many other surprises offered by participants like you! If you have ideas and want to present to the market, give us a sign on the event here:)


Dan and Adela Permanent Culture House of Cluj passed through a system of social economy of the gift, and have shared their experience: “ trying to live simpler and happier. We started offering accommodation in Cluj Napoca, not money, not barter, so I started to teach others to give. Everyone is welcome, all we want is for them not to turn their gate price. one year passed about 1,000 people at our house and have stayed about 486 events. (…) people are basically good, do not do bad things.

The event was attended by about 50 people, they shared various seeds, gardening secrets, traditional recipes on the soap, cakes, homemade syrup.

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