Protests continue while snowing also


Sunday 01.02.2015 was held the forth march of protest against pollution in Sebeş municipality, the county of Alba. To the march participated about 1.000 persons that continued to ask to the authorities to take urgent measures to stop the pollution.

We remind that on the Knronospan platform there are 8 containers of 15.000 liters each in which formaldehyde is deposited, 2 methanol( ethilic alcohol) containers of 10.000 liters each, those of maleic anhydre, melamine ( cyanuric acide amide), diesel fuel, gasoline and other very dangerous chemical substances that are used by the formaldehyde factory of 30.000 t/year. Sebeș can be considered the city close to a chemical bomb that can explode at anytime with devastating consequences.

The history of the Kronospan company is not precisely clean, in the past they had incidents with formaldehyde spills, unanounced at the moment of their occurence, but later on acknowledged.

On 29.01.2015, Kronospan company issued a press release with the title,,Kronospan acuses a manipulation company with securist misinformation techniques”.

With regard to this press release we make the following specifications:

    – Kronospan Sebeș called us to take part on 02.02.2015, at 10 a.m., in front of the Alba Prefect and of the local press, without having the Alba Prefect know about it, due to which we consider that they used the Prefect Institution ;
    – Later on, representatives of the company SC Kronospan Sebeș SA posted another press release where along with the NGOs representatives and local press they invited representatives of the local and county authorities, changing the location, from the Prefect to the headquarter of SC Kronospan Sebeș SA.

We consider that the representatives of SC Kronospan Sebeș SA are trying to manipulate and misinform the public opinion, by introducing in their game also institutions of the Romanian state.

The support of the local authorities seems to be directed more towards the investors, rather than in favor of the populations which has the right to be aware of informations about the existence of a threat to their health.

Although it is asked to suspend the activities following irregularities discovered until now, irregularities that oblige the population to live in a permanent stress, the intimidations of all kinds that some participants to the march of the protests are put through, exceeding the maximum allowed concentration of formaldehyde and PM10 which were not acknowledged by APM although the lack of an impact study on public health over the health in the area of Sebes was recorded, which, according to the law, should have stayed at the base of the evaluation/revision/ issue of an integrated environment authorization, all these are serious misconducts and require an answer and clarification of the situation in Sebeș as fast as possible from the competent authorities. Moreover, the functioning of such factories that issue a toxicity, not only it affects people, it was found that the bee keepers of the area of Sebeș have suffered great loses of bees because of the pollution.

The inhabitants of Sebeş municipality continue the protests Sunday, February 8th, starting with 14:00 in the Park of Sebeş City Hall, until the competent authorities will suspend the activity in all the sections that emit pollutants into the atmosphere and SC Kronospan Sebeş SA relocates all these sections at a distance as far from the residential areas.

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