Solidarity for the right to health


In Sebes there is a campaign against pollution that lasts for more than 2 months. Meanwhile the answer from the state institutions fail to appear, the company against which the protests were directed instead of talking to people, as it is normal to proceed in a conflict, they are trying to intimidate, to frighten people. One thing that did not take into consideration the company is that such actions cause people to act together. A man does not need high performance devices to realize that something is wrong with the air. You feel the pollution, man is the best pollution detector, and if we add the animals, plants we realize that something is very wrong with the air in Sebes. Those who must prove that there is no danger in terms of air are the state institutions and companies that pollute.

Solidarity is the most powerful weapon of a group of people. Including Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General said that only through collective action we can tackle large and growing poverty and inequality, climate change, major health problems. According to the dictionary, solidarity is a “feeling that makes people help each other.” The concept of solidarity refers to the notion of collaboration, shared rights and responsibilities, and the drive to achieve a common goal, it can be applied in many fields with the value of helping others. Solidarity is central to the mission and projects of many non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
There were several messages of solidarity from people outside the country but also from people in several cities of Romania. Latest message of solidarity comes from the Save Rosia Montana Campaign:
“Save Rosia Montana Campaign supports the efforts of Sebes protesters who for more than two months are in the streets demanding their right to a clean environment! Kronospan Austrian company has passed but the intimidation patented by RMGC and other companies who understand that democracy, freedom of opinion and expression get annihilated through a fist in the mouth: Kronospan opened several lawsuits by requiring punishment of those who “stained” corporate’s image through these protests (some processes require 250.000 RON damage)!

We join those who strongly condemn such acts of intimidation and we ask you for your solidarity, to consider how appropriate the actions initiated by the people from Sebes are.
The protesters that have been named in such cases filed by Kronospan do not give up, nor get intimidated! They will defend their rights in court and have already appealed to lawyers. Even if some of them are willing to represent protesters pro bono, without fees, there are associated costs to be covered: travel and / or accommodation (the processes are open in Bucharest), judicial expertise when possible (depending on how the cases evolve), expenses related to communication with courts etc. For all this we invite you to contribute!
United we are stronger! Little by little, together we have already shown that we can win!
” it is written on the social network by Save Rosia Montana Campaign.
Now that the company has sued five people in Sebes simply because they have demanded the right to a healthy environment or that have expressed dissatisfaction, we must show that we are more united. We are not alone, we have the most important arguments on our side, we demand the right to a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT! We are not afraid!
Obsessive repetition by this company that they comply with the law and that their work fits in with European environmental standards, did nothing but lead ordinary people to inquire further, more careful study and laws and regulations, or European institutions and request information from Romania, related to these aspects of air pollution. Information start arriving, their analysis is ongoing and therefore, Sunday, March 15, at the House of Culture Sebes city will host a public debate for those that during 8 weeks were on the streets to protest and those expressing in other ways the desire to escape the suffocating pollution from Sebes city. Together with interested citizens willing to engage in this fight against pollution, will analyze the situation reached and will discuss what to do in the near future.
Sunday March 15, 16:00, we expect everyone to Culture House for combating pollution!!

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