Support the campaign “Drinking water for Submaidane”

Greenpeace along with Bankwatch Romania launched the campaign “Drinking water for Submaidane” in order to help a community in Gorj county affected by environmental accident in December 2013 from Turceni thermal power.
A year ago, right around Christmas, there was a discharge of water with ash from thermal Turceni. Houses and fountains, 15 hectares of farmland and vineyards were covered by a thick layer of water, ash and slag in some areas exceeding 1.5 meters in height. Residents of the area (locality Turceni, Submaidane district) were left without drinking water, wells were flooded and contaminated presenting a high risk of disease. Authorities delays to ecologize the area and haven’t provide any solution to ensure clean water to people affected.

Campaign aims to equip 10 households in Submaidane with water filtration equipment. One of the filters is already installed, but we have to purchased the remaining nine. To purchase filters is needed 13,500 lei and the date by which we intend to raise this amount is December 12 2014, so that families can face winter holidays with pure water (drinking water). Any kind of support, however small, is welcome to provide clean water in Submaidane community.

How can you help?

– Through a donation – any amount, how small is very helpful


Online directly on or RO17 BACX 0000 0001 2645 6001 – ROL account of Greenpeace CEE Romania opened at Unicredit Tiriac, Branch Unirii. VAT: 22747989

Legal entity

RO50 RZBR 0000 0600 1516 7189 – ROL account Bankwatch Romania Association, opened at Raiffeisen Bank, Uverturii Agency. VAT: 30796869

– By distributing our call on social networks, email, telling friends about the situation in Submaidane

– By distributing campaign message on social networks -> you can use one of the photos campaign as profile picture on Facebook / Twitter

(eg status)

Support the campaign “Drinking water for Submaidane”. Donate for households affected by pollution Submaidane ash, Turceni, to have access to clean water again.

Help us to provide safe drinking water to people in Submaidane – donate and distribute on #APApentruSubmaidane

– By hosting a banner on the site / blog. Here you can download a complete package with banners of various sizes , profile pictures for Facebook, etc



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